The following is what a typical day of pilgrim may look like

6:04 RISE AND SHINE! ( no this is not a mistake!!) and yes a.m.!
       We are awaken by the welcome voices of people singing "this is the day the Lord has made" let us rejoice and be glad in it" in various languages. Often accompanied by whistles , accordions, guitars and pots and pans for good measure. Coming out of tents helps us realize and that truly this is the day that the Lord has made!

6:30  Mass
       We gather around the table singing Taize, "Laudate Omnes Gentes" and then we begin our celebration of Eucharist. Intentions that are written out each day and added to our intention box are mentioned. At the end of mass we listen to some announcements and are sent forth for the day.

7:15  Breakfast
       We gather around our tents, preparing breakfast, sharing with our neighbours, and getting ready for the day. We pack our lunches and our knapsacks with our change of socks, shoes, and personal items. Our tents, and other bigger items are now taken down and brought to the appropriate area to be loaded on the trucks by our team of loaders.

       The first group gathers behind the cross and readies themselves to leave. We thank our hosts from the night spot and offer our prayers for them throughout the journey. Our knapsacks are left to be taken by our accompanying van and we leave to begin our day with Monring Prayer

10:00 (or so) we try to have a break about every 1.5 hours about 6km for about 15 mins.

The rest of the day we have the following not in any particular order

"        catechetical session with small group discussion.
"        Walking in silence for reflection
"        Rosary ( we pray for intentions in between decades)
"        Question/answer
"        Lots of singing
"        Lots of fun
"        Personal witness

5:00 Arrival at Night spot
       We gather at the entrance to our night spot to give God thanks for the day and for further instructions.

We now go and set up our tents and wait for our hot cooked meal for supper

8:00 Night Prayer
       Where and When possible we gather around a campfire for Night prayer. We hear the sounds of music and take our flashlights, and well insect repellent soaked bodies  to gather as a community. We pray and reflect on the day and at the end sing a Hymn to Mary.

We continue to gather around the campfire and sing,  and share our day

We are invited to go to sleep and enter our tents and soon end our day to prepare for the next one.

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