The formative part in a Walking Pilgrimage can be composed of meditation, conferences, or discussions.  Spiritual Pilgrims are encouraged to read the Bible or meditate on the Word of God for at least 15 minutes each day.  They may also choose to read a religious book or magazine.

A prayer can take on many forms, but the most important is the Holy Mass.  You may also choose to pray the Rosary, the Litany, the Way of the Cross, or any other prayer you like.

Penance for Walking Pilgrims means fully accepting the difficulties associated with walking long distances, camping, eating canned food.  For Spiritual Pilgrims penance means accepting one's illness or difficult circumstance, and performing good deeds for others. 

Both Walking and Spiritual Pilgrims should offer their pilgrimage to God for a specific intention.  They should also contemplate each day of their journey, thinking of the positive and negative aspects of each day, and trying to improve them.

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