When does the pilgrimage take place?

The usual time is to arrive on the Second Sunday of August. Our goal is to arrive on or around the Feast of the Assumption. When the feast is on the Sunday ( every 6 years or so) we arrive on the third Sunday. We begin on the Monday before.E.g. August 3-9 2015. )

How much does it cost?

We invite all pilgrims for a $100.00 registration fee. This covers the cost of our night spots, portable washrooms, trucks, walkie talkies,  etc. It  also includes the cost of water and a hot meal every evening. Each pilgim will also receive a T-Shirt.  We understand that for some this may be prohibitive, and therefore we ask that you donate what you are able to. If you come for part of the pilgrimage we ask for 20.00 per day donation . ( please note T-Shirt are not included in this)

Who can come on the Pilgrimage?

All ages are most welcome. Anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or appointed guardian over the age 18. All are required to register and provide the needed information ( emergency contact etc)

Will I have to carry all of my baggage?

The camping equipment etc, is loaded every morning onto trucks that transport it to the night spot. Personal items ( change of shoes, rain coat , toiletries etc) are usually packed in knapsacks and are transported in vans accompanying the group.

What about  safe drinking water?

Throughout the pilgrimage "bottled water" is provided on a regular basis and can always be found in the vans that accompany the group. At regular intervals the "water brigade" can be found handing out water bottles. Donations to the water supply is always helpful.

What do I need to bring?

To start with, an openness to god's love, to walk in community and a sincere intention to follow the spirit of the pilgrimage. Each person is responsible for their own tent, sleeping bag, food for the day, shoes clothes, toiletries camp stoves etc. We encourage people to join up in groups so to minimize equipment. A hot meal is provided everyday.

What type of food should I bring?

Fruit, nuts, protein bars, bread, canned meat, cup of soup/noodles, are the usual staples of a pilgrims diet. As mentioned a hot meal is offered everyday at supper.

What happens if I am not able to walk any further or need medical assisatance?

We always pray for everyone to make the whole pilgrimage in safety and in good health. For various reasons , if you are unable to continue walking, contact one of the many group leaders  ( wearing fluorescent vests) and they will contact one of the first aid vans and our first aid helpers.

I am not able to come for the full 6 days, am I able to pariticipate?

People are able to participate for any length of time. We invite all to experience the fullness of the pilgrimage yet realize that at times people are not able to come for the full length. We invite you to come to begin any day that you are able. Just register and get your Pilgrim Pass and feel welcome.

How do I get home?

Each pilgrim is responsible for their own transportation home from the Shrine. If you are unable to do so please inform the organizers and will try to help but make no promises.

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